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The Inspiring Vanessa Show introduces motivational individuals that share their journeys and their most important lessons. The show is aimed to help inspire young people and give them the opportunity to learn valuable knowledge that will help them pursue their goals and aspirations.


I think it is crucial to use my platform as a way to spread awareness of global issues. The viewers can watch the guests perspective and their opinions. The show is the place to educate and inspire the next generation.


We absolutely love watching The inspiring Vanessa show!!! Cannot wait to see some more episode added. Brilliant presenting by Vanessa, for such a young age she has such a wealth of knowledge! Loving watching All the guests on the show and the theme music is just amazing as soon as I hear that song now it just reminds me of the show!! I would give it 10 stars if I could such a fab show!

What an amazing young lady. Fabulous interview. I can't wait to see more from inspiring Vanessa.

My 10 year old daughter also really enjoyed watching. Vanessa is such a good role model to other children.

 Very inspiring to watch!

What an inspiring show! It was great to be able to see a young lady be able to interview and highlight humans older than her years. It just shows that age is nothing but a number and the youth bring more to the world then they are ever given credit for! Thank you Vanessa my daughter now has a great role model!


My talk show is available to watch on Amazon Prime! There are new upcoming episodes that I can't wait to share to you all! If you enjoy the show, please leave us a review about your thoughts on the show!


For new updates on guests and interviews make sure to follow "The Inspiring Vanessa Show" on instagram.

Inspiring Vanessa
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