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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Welcome to my blog! This blog is introducing myself to you! #inspiringvanessa #firstblog #firstblogpost #blogger #youtuber #speaker

Hello there!! My name is Inspiring Vanessa I am 12 years old and I am a motivational speaker, vlogger and welcome to my blog! ♡ I absolutely love writing so I decided to start my own blog. I have been doing motivational speaking for 2 years and I have had an incredible journey so far and I will be sharing some of those experiences on here! Let me give you 10 facts about me, it would also be amazing if you could tell me something about you in the comments!

1. I was born on the 9th of August 2006, so yes I'm a Leo and in my opinion we RULE!!!

2. My favourite animals are Dolphins, Pandas & Dogs and Cats! (In that order, however dogs and cats are tied)

3. I was born on a full moon

4. I have a cat called Joey and she is 5 years old!

5. I've never skydived and I never will (lol)

6. I've been doing speaking for over 2 years

7. My favourite food is pepperoni pizza and dough-balls (and pizza express does a marvellous job)

8. My full name is Vanessa Gloria Sam

9. When I am older I would like to explore more into the art industry because I love art. I would still like to continue doing speaking all around the world and grow my YouTube channel as well as become a TV presenter/talk host and an actress and model.

10. My main goal is to meet #EllenDegeneres because I admire her passion for helping other. My other goal is to create a hotel for homeless people, because I believe that everyone should be treated equally.

1O FACTS ABOUT ME - https://youtu.be/tO3EkBoSz0Q

Now let's dive in to what actually made me into the person I am today. I will be sharing my story with you and how my past has made me stronger.

My story started off when I was born in August 2006. I was a very joyful girl and quite cute . As from 4 years to now I still love art and drawing , because it's my passion . But in 2008 everything changed... My dad left me and my mum, yet I still think about it today . It was a very hard time for me and my mum especially . However, we both knew we had to stay happy and that we had each other .Have you ever grown up with one parent? If you do , I understand and it can be quite hard to overcome these type of things, even though for most people there's nothing you can do.

Years past and in 2016 our lives changed . One day, my mum told me that she was going to meet a motivational speaker, his name is Warren Inspire Ryan . A couple months later we finally met him after watching him on the screen all the time . On that very day something hit me , I realised that wouldn't it be amazing if I could inspire and motivate children and adults all around the world. After I had spoken on that stage for the very first time I continued which allowed me to write this book that you are reading . My credibility grew to a whole new level which led me to meeting outstanding people. Later on I met Eric Ho in September 2016 and I attended their first event for kids and I was a speaker and ever since then he has helped me with so many things so I appreciate him very much!

"Inspiring Vanessa is not your average 12-year-old girl. She is a multi-award winning, International, Motivational Speaker, Kidpreneur, YouTuber, Author and Child Presenter.Vanessa’s mission is to inspire children around the world to believe in themselves and have the courage to be whoever they want to be. Vanessa has been trained and mentored by several top International Speakers and has shared the stage with the likes of Jairek Robbins, Eric Thomas, Eric Ho and Caleb Maddix speaking in front of thousands of people. If you are looking for an inspiring, refreshing and powerful speaker then Vanessa is guaranteed to make a big impact at your event. Vanessa lives for personal development and has more charisma and wisdom that most adult speakers out there! Vanessa’s signature topics include: Mindset; Inspiration; Motivation; Taking Action and Self-Belief."

Well, I know it's a lot to start off with but I need you all to know who I am and what you are going to see here... Thank you so much for reading my blog, don't forget to leave a comment about your thoughts and give this a like! ♡♡♡

By Inspiring Vanessa 💖

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