Global London Kids Fashion Week 2020!

I recently had the opportunity to walk at Mini Mode's Global London Kids Fashion Week for iScream and Garment Streak! I had an incredible experience, walking on the runway and meeting new people so I had to document it to all on my blog!

This year I was actually on the runway, as the previous years before I co-hosted and presented! It was a fantastic experience, I created so many new friendships as well as reunite with my friends from previous shows!

I adored getting my hair and makeup done by WOW Beaute, the theme from the hair and makeup department was editorial so on the first day I had some yellow eyeliner done and the next day I had blue.

"Mini Mode is the creation of Amanda Rabor, creator of Isossy Children a global kids fashion brand in collaboration with a network of creatives, influencers, marketing experts, visionaries, media partners and sponsors wanting to establish a consistent platform for the kids fashion market which showcases both emerging designers and major kids brands during London Fashion Week."
"Mini Mode is where fashion VISIONARIES and the kids fashion market collides, creating the new generation of the UK kids market. We’re uniting elements of glamour, social media with global business and turning it into a platform which places the UK into the global kids arena."

Here are the designers who showcased their

designs and pieces at the show:

*some of the models - not all brands are here*

- Little People London (United Kingdom): Little People London is a unique fashion brand for kids with an adult level of style with the latest and fashionable items of their generation.

- BillieBlush (France): Each season BillieBlush creates a themed collection that offers everyday pieces as well as perfect little looks for special or formal occasions.

- Mitch&Son (United Kingdom): MiTCH is a new brand for 2020 that showcases a stylish collection of boys wear from ages 6-12 years. MiTCH successfully creates entire looks with elements that can be mix and matched to create new outfits.

- Baronessa Demi-Couture (Latvia): Baronessa brings you into the small nymphs's kingdom from the fantasy forest. The collection features exquisite silk, trouser suits, dresses made of noble materials and decorated with natural rubies, pearls, zirconium and crystals.

- Bellos Boutique (United Kingdom): Bellos Boutique created their own line of unique traditional children's wear. Their brand is inspired by the 1940s traditional English style, bows, bonnets for the girls and braces for the boys.

- Présent De L'ondée (Japan): It began from a shirt graphic designer, Makoda Takashi. They make clothes that parents would feel comfortable wearing and incorporating playful and fluid designers into children's formalwear.

- The Garment Streak (UK) :The Garment Streak is an inclusive and collaborative instagram performance artwork. This culture drives fast fashion, which is a leading contributor in the climate emergency. Check out my runway walk for Garment Streak!

- BEBEBEBE (South Korea): BEBEBEBE features delicate detail with the original design and activity. The brand wants children to be happy to wear their clothes and combines high quality with reasonable price points.

- Ray And Roy (Nigeria): Anwuri Ichouku is the creative designer of the brand RAY AND ROY. Their specialism is custom made luxury dresses for girls. The dresses reflect everything one would expect from bespoke pieces.

- A*DEE (UK): A*Dee is famous for creating complete outfits where every element compliments the overall look. From hair clips, socks and bags, to coat and shoes.

- Kate Hill x Zoobug X Rich Fashion X Galexie Glister : London kids' fashion expert, stylist and creator of Alegre Media, Kate Hill launched three exclusive collaborations at this years Mini Mode.

- Princess Ford (Nigeria): Princess Ford is a Nigerian clothing brand that has haute couture clothing for children. Princess Ford staple pieces are all for its sparkles, tulle, lace, layering, ostrich features and ruffles.

- Leya Me (Russia): Leya Me is a children's designer clothes brand. The children's image for Leya Me is energetic, cheerful, modern, self-confident with a sense of humour and beloved.

- MADPAX (USA): MadPax Backpacks showcased their latest launches, including the new 'Hex - do you have Hex Factor' design and new additions to the metallic range.

- IScream (UK): IScream Children's wear brand which is always evolving and developing just like young people that wear it. IScream in collaboration with the iconic Ace Cafe produced a spectacular range that is true to the essence of the brand and the fun that all children naturally possess.

Check out my walk for IScream ➡️

- Embroidery by FJ: Founded by TV personality and mum of one Cara Delahoyde-Massey and Mum of one Amy Ashton, Embroidery by FJ is a new children's wear brand that provides unique, quality items that you can personalise for the little man or lady in life.

- The Bow Kids (Egypt): The Bow Kids is a very exciting brand sold in Cairo, Dubai and the UAE. Yara created delicate and beautiful princess dresses for little girls and their mothers for very special occasions.

- Charabia (France): Parisian children's fashion brand CHARABIA puts across a truly positive and cheerful, happy and respectful, drawing on nature to create a happy world!

Other than having the phenomenal opportunity to walk on Global London Kids Fashion Week, they guests were amazing too! I had the lovely chance to meet Fredsonn who is the designer of VELO. He gave me some great advice for modelling in the future and I really appreciated it!

Check out his instagram and follow him!

I also got to meet the lovely Cassie who is a lifestyle and fashion blogger! Her instagram feed is gorgeous and was so nice to talk to! I'm glad she enjoyed the show as well as other audience members. Check out her instagram and follow her!

A huge praise goes to the amazing presenters and co-hosts for the show! My friends did a fabulous job and I couldn't be prouder! It's crazy to think how it started and lead us to the February 2020! Presenters: (Click on their names to take you to their ig accounts): King Ché, Ryhanna Parara, Lex Gibbon, Denny Ashison, Zerina and Zayn!


Thank you so much for reading this blog, it truly means a lot to me! If you'd like to see what the fashion show looked like and see the models walking for the amazing brands, check out my vlog of GLKFW on my YouTube Channel 🤩

Don't forget to like, comment and share this blog! But for now, I’ll see you on my next blog post!!

From Vanessa 💕

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