London Kids Fashion Week 2018

I recently had the honour to present #LKFW once again along side my two incredible co-hosts Ryhanna Parara and King Che! Carry on reading to see the amazing things we got up to.. #londonkidsfashionweek #childpresenter #hosts #londonfashionweek #models #designers #minimode #lkfw #blog #blogger #inspirators #readthis

I had the pleasure of wearing a unique piece from Loud Apparel and I loved it! Our day started off by heading to the venue! We walked in and the hall was huge ; it was even bigger than last time! There was stunning decoration and a great photo opportunity! 💖💖💖

Next we waited to meet up with my lovely good friends and co-hosts Ryhanna and Ché! Please click on the links below to go ahead and follow these incredible people!! King Ché is a fashion designer and model and has succeeded in launching his brand all the way to the USA! My beautiful friend Ryhanna is a Model, for the brands of New Look, Hype, Next, Adidas, Nike and many more!







The atmosphere was amazing when we spoke on stage, the audience was so excited and that made me even more excited!! It was lovely to meet fans and people who were inspired by us when watching the fashion show! I got to meet some people who I knew from Instagram and some people our friends! I got to meet Little Red World (click on the bold writing to follow her) 💖 Also congratulations to the adorable best friend combo Kyra Kids Tv , for being on the catwalk! Check out their channel!

Here are some of the models on the catwalk at Mini Mode don't forget to check out my vlog, up on my YouTube channel, that I did to see our performers, brands and behind the scenes!

Thank you so much for reading this blog about London's Kids Fashion Week! Don't forget to watch the video I did so you can see the models, rocking the runway! Like, share and comment on this blog post so I know you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading and I'll see you on my next blog!

From Vanessa♡♡♡

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