I recently attended my first #weday!! This year's UK We Day took place in the Wembley Arena, that had over 12,000 students from across the united Kingdom!! The atmosphere was phenomenal and hopefully I can bring that energy to this blog!!

WE day is a celebration of young people committed to making a difference. It's where young people from across the UK prove that when they harness their belief, their passion and their energy in making an impact, they are an unstoppable force or good. The WE Movement is an extraordinary community of change-makers that are raising the bar and setting a new standard for what it means to be positive. This year, WE Day was sponsored by Virgin Atlantic.

Craig and Marc Kielburger are the founders of WE. Here's their story:

Over 20 years ago, they set out on a bold mission: to work with developing communities to free children and their families from poverty and exploitation. Their vision expanded to include empowering young people at home, connecting them with global issues and social causes, and partnering with schools to inspire young change-makers from within the classroom.

This years WE day had phenomenal line up of speakers and performances. The kids were able to witness Liam Payne, Naomi Campbell, Pixie Lott, Nicole Scherzinger, Conor Maynard, Tamara Smart, Dean Chaumoo, Nikki Christou, Isabelle Weall and many more!! The highlight of London's 2019 WE day was the appearance of Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex and a surprise greeting from the newest member of the Royals, Megan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex.

I had the wonderful opportunity to become a part of the press, and live the dream of interviewing a variety of celebrities on the red carpet!! My experience was amazing as I could learn about more of the celebrities and their perspective on such an influential event (WE Day). Here are some of the celebrities, having their "time to shine" on the Blue Carpet at WE Day London 2019!!

𝕔𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕓𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝕒𝕣𝕣𝕚𝕧𝕒𝕝𝕤

These are some of the official blue carpet pictures from the celebrity arrivals! (Nikki Christou, Pixie Lott, Conor Maynard, Tamara Smart, Nicole Scherzinger, Louise Pentland, Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne)

The performances showcased were touching. Although the energy in the arena was off the roof, each individual speaker, spoke from their heart and truly created an impact for the children! The smallest details created such a warming community of creative individuals. From the generosity of the volunteers to the light up wristbands, my first WE Day experience was unforgettable!!

The passion and devotion put into the event is so inspiring, seeing the youth flourish into learning crucial, positive skills truly makes my heart smile! I have never seen an event that brings people together like WE Day!!

The speakers touched on topics like self love, facing obstacles and challenges, never giving up, crime and violence, being yourself and much more! The content spread across the empowering day truly impacted the youth who had the opportunity to be there! Seeing the progress of WE Day and how its becoming recognised but royals, truly makes me so joyful. The Duke of Sussex's speech was purely extraordinary. Being able to witness a Prince on stage was already a tick on my box, but the whole audience got a bonus when we brought his gorgeous wife on stage, as well as sharing the importance of staying true to ourselves and taking care of the environment!

I adored meeting some of my celebs and hearing what they had to share on stage!

Thank you so much for reading this blog!! If you would like to actually see what went on at WE Day, don't forget to check out my vlog about WE day and the interviews I did!!

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From Vanessa 💕

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