Summer In The City 2018 - Celebrating 10 Years!!

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

I attended the #creatorday at Summer In the City and I met so many amazing people and in this blog I will be telling you who!! #inspiringvanessa #sitc2018 #vlogger #youtube #youtubers #influencers #followme #blog

I went to Summer In The City on August the 10th 2018, the day of international vlogging day! Fascinatingly, we came to SITC unexpectedly, because we were in Excel for my 12the Birthday and we were leaving on the day of the event! We noticed hundreds of people with vlogging cameras in their hands and myself and my mum both new that we were there for a reason... We still had our luggage so we dropped it at the cloakroom, got our tickets and prepared to find some YouTubers/creators! Before we came in to the venue I noticed that there was someone who I followed on and I ran and took a quick selfie with her!

It is the one and only amazing Tessa Bear! You've probably seen Tessa's face before, most likely from her massive sensation on the new rebranded app on or now known as TikTok!! She has over 3.9 million #bearfam members and it is certainly growing by the minute!! It was awesome to meet Tessa, go check out her instagram by clicking on the image on left!

I also got to meet the funny/comedic Vicky Banham!! I love her hair so much and she is so lovely! She is also a star! She does comedy videos and face paint/makeup videos too!! She has a YT channel so check out her channel and lets try and get her to 2000 subs!!

Tessa Brooks and Tristan Tales!!

I was so excited to meet Tessa Brooks and Tristan Tales! I have been follow the two for a while now and i was overjoyed when I got to meet them! They both have YouTube channels, to watch both of their incredible vlogs/videos click on their names!!

I met Eltoria (the lovely lady in the first picture), Louis (Fun for Louis) and he even mentioned me in his vlog which meant so much to me ♡♡♡ I also got to meet the lovely, beautiful Bambino Becky!! Please go and check out each of their YouTube channels!!


Fun For Louis:

Bambino Becky:

I had the pleasure of meeting Bobbie and Aaron!! They have a youtube channel together and bobbie has her own one. I was waiting for them to arrive and when I saw them, I ran and took a selfie (lol). Click on the image to check out their Youtube Channel

Don't forget to check out the vlog I made on my YouTube Channel about Summer In The City! ⬇⬇⬇

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From Vanessa♡♡♡

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