VidCon London 2019!!

This year I attended the first ever #VidCon in #London!! The 3 day YouTube convention took place in Excel, London! I had the most incredible time at Vidcon as I had the opportunity to meet so many of my favourite creators!!

VidCon Day 1!!

On the first day of VidCon, the expo wasn't open yet so we explored the panels and talk that were available to us!! Wondering around the talks and floors, will definitely mean you will meet some people and I did! I spotted some TikTok Stars like Phil Green, OTB Tom and Sherice Banton!! In the evening, I also spotted Gabbie Hanna and met her!!

In the evening the VidCon Opening Show was happening, and each performance or live entertainment from each of the creators was spectacular!! There were performances y Rhett and Link, Odd1sOut, the Merrell Twins and a Try Not To Laugh Challenge with Elle Mills, Gabbie Hanna, Joey Graceffa and Marcus Butler. As I had a creator ticket, the Meet & Greets were not apart of my ticket. As I do (lol), I was determined to find my favourite creators and meet them!! There was an after party at one of the hotels opposite Excel. My patience was certainly tested as my mum and I sat in the hotel reception for 2 hours waiting to see my favourite YouTubers. The time and tiredness definitely paid of as I got to meet the Merrell Twins!!! I actually met Vanessa and Veronica Merrell 3 years ago, in Los Angeles, during their tour! I was bound to have our 3 year reunion and it happened!!!

VidCon Day 2!!!

The second day of VidCon was super fun because I met so many people and I had an amazing time in the Expo!!! As the expo opened, many creators were walking around and free to meet fans! I think I became pretty starstruck at the end of the day as there were so many people who I love and admire!!

An occasion that really had myself starstruck was when I saw Derral Eves in our hotel lobby!! Derral Eves creates content about how to grow a YouTube Channel as well as all the inside information people may not even be aware of!

This was at the beginning of the day, so thanks to Derral for giving us good luck of meeting more creators during the day!!! 😂

So during the day we met so many creators and many TikTok Stars that I've been following for a long time. The best thing about conventions like VidCon is the feeling of excitement whenever you turn your head and recognise someone you see on your screen.

The creators I met on VidCon day 2 are beautifully displayed in the gallery below, you may notice some faces!! I met Tessa Bear, Marcus Butler, Holly H, Roxaurus, Kt Franklin and Kaygon Elliot. I am so grateful for meeting everyone and having the chance to interact with them!!

I managed to have the offer of a meet and greet and I met Patrick Starrr, who is truly gorgeous and such a boss!! His outfit was on point when I met him and i'm clapping my hands for him because he is so amazing!!

VidCon Day 3!!!!

The last day of VidCon was sad because I didn't want my VidCon adventure to come to an end. I had my last couple opportunities to take photos behind the amazing adobe display!! The last day of VidCon meant that the NIGHT OF AWESOME was going to happen!!!!!

The Night Of Awesome was a great way to end the long weekend of endless panels and meet and greets!! VidCon's Night Of Awesome included performances by Gabbie Hanna, Twist and Pulse, drawing challenges with the Odd1sOut and dance challenges with the Merrell Twins!!


Thank you so much for reading thsi blog about my first ever #VidCon!! If you would like to see more of what I got up to in VidCon then feel free to check out my YouTube vlogs of VidCon and signature video clips with my favourite YouTubers and Creators!!!

Check out my playlist of VidCon vlogs here:

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But for now, I’ll see you on my next blog post!! 💖💖💖

From Vanessa 💕

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