World Afro Day 2019 || The Big Hair Assembly!

I am so grateful to have taken part in this year's World Afro Day 2019 and be a mini reporter for the first Big Hair Assembly, which was sponsored by #Superdrug! #worldafroday #thebighairassembly

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Here's a brief introduction to this empowering day and what it's all about-

From South Africa to America and Britain to Brazil, children will be joining together in a celebration of hair, identity and equality. The event aims to change negative attitudes towards Afro hair into positive inclusion. Straight hair is considered the epitome of success and beauty and it is promoted everyday, through fairytales, films, television, social media, consumer products and advertising etc. Afro-hair is rarely celebrated, especially globally and World Afro Day seeks to change this, our Vision is to create a platform to celebrate and educate people about Afro hair.

If you would like to get more information and possibly if you want to take part in World Afro Day 2020, visit the World Afro Day Website!!


The Big Hair Assembly took place at a school it was then going to be broadcasted all around the world! I love the purpose behind the World Afro Day Event: It is to educate and empower young people about Afro Hair! So many students gave fantastic feedback, whether they had Afro Hair or didn't. If you would like to watch the livestream and see what went on, watch the video below!


It was so amazing to meet the one and only Celai West! She did an incredible catwalk and came all the way from Los Angeles! She is youngest model to walk on NYFW! Click the link below to see some of her amazing runway walks on her instagram - @celaiwest

Look at her! She's only 11 and has done so much, she even gave us a close up of her runway walk at #TheBigHairAssembly! Check it out down below and don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube Channel!

YouTube -


I also got the honour of meeting Eunice Olumide and got to see my awesome friend Farouk James (his face was on the bus!!) Not only does World Afro Day empower children globally, but it also brings people together and I am so grateful to have met the people I did!

Check out Eunice and Farouk on instagram and see what they'll be up to in the future :)



Check out Farouk James on The Big Hair Assembly Runway!

The Hair & Identity Panel, in my opinion, was one of the most influential parts of the event! What I loved even more was that not only did the Panel included Celai and Farouk, but also their mum's: this made the panel even more incredible and helped give the live audience and the schools around the world a better understanding of what it's like being an influencer with Afro Hair and talking about identity!

This year's Big Hair Assembly was sponsored by Superdrug, and we had a pink bus where the school students could get their hair done!

The girls who got their hair done, were interviewed by the host, Scarlett Douglas and they said:

It was very, good, very exciting and very great opportunity. I would say you should definitely go [get your hair done], because it's very nice and the hairstyles are very nice and I love it.
I think they should [go and get their hair done], its very fun and they are really nice and it was a really great experience.

Don't forget to check out my vlog of The Big Hair Assembly!

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From Vanessa 💕

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