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Hello, Inspiring Vanessa here! I had the honour to attend the #Smallfootmovie screening and I am a massive #Zendaya fan, and thanks to my awesome friend Callum Daniel AKA Robot Boy challenged me to recreate Zendaya's look at the event!! Carry on reading to see the reactions, the recreation and the activities! #Zendaya #warnerbros #multimedia #screening #jamescorden #channingtatum #lebronjames #common #ginarodriguez #yarashahidi #minizendaya #callumdaniel #meechee #lookalike #blogger #youtuber #inspiringvanessa


I had an amazing time at the Multimedia screening of Smallfoot in Leicester Square! When we started walking towards the cinema, we saw a mini blue carpet! Me and my friend Callum were excited and then we got even more happier when we saw snow coming out of the machine from the balcony! I was so overjoyed, I thought to myself I never want to leave this place. Then, out of the doors come a giant size Miko and Meechee from the movie. My mouth dropped as I started jumping up and down, getting ready to take photos! It was practically meant to be, Meechee was in Zendaya's picture and that she would be in mine which made it perfect even more!!

Definitely head over to Youtube and Instagram to follow my smart and awesome friend Callum Daniel Robot Boy! He is only 10 years old and he teaches kids how to code robots!! **mind-blown** 😂😂 Its absolutely incredible to see such a young person having the mind of Einstein 😂 Click on the links below, because he'll be controlling the robots of the future!


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It was so funny when we bumped into Skye and Sapphire. I actually met the two when I was invited to the DVD launch of a movie called Midnight Sun and Sapphire performed beautifully there! Don't forget to check out the girls down below because they are lovely, stunning and super talented, what a fantastic combination!






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There were decorations everywhere!!! When we walked up the staircase there were beautiful balloons to welcome us into the realm of Yetis 😂 There was a super fun activity where we had 30 seconds to pick up the balls that flew around this cylinder box, I certainly laughed the whole way through but we still succeeded in getting a lot of foam balls inside the tube. One of the most fascinating things was there was a real ice sculpture of the logo 'Smallfoot' and it was AMAZING! At first I didn't think that they would actually make an ice figure but when Callum went up to it, he said it was REAL ice!! We were handed some goodies, a Meechee and Miko pen and a Miko notebook! We went inside and the screen was huge!! It was so unexpected ; I couldn't believe my eyes.

The movie was absolutely fabulous! There were so many beautiful and yet deep messages spread across the movie! Smallfoot comes out in cinemas 12 October 2018 in the UK! The director of this movie is Karey Kirkpatrick and he did an amazing job! Make sure that you go and watch the movie to see the cast: Channing Tatum (Miko) , Zendaya (Meechee), James Corden (Percy), LeBron James (Gwangi), Common (Stonekeeper), Gina Rodriguez (Kolka), and Yara Shahidi (Brenda)!

ᗪOᑎ'T ᖴOᖇGET TO ᑕᕼEᑕK OᑌT TᕼE ᐯᒪOG

Of course, I had to film a vlog from the day so please watch the video to see what the activities actually looked like, and to feel the Yeti atmosphere ♡♡♡

Thank you so much for reading this blog about the London Multimedia screening of SMALLFOOT! Leave a comment below what is your fav movie? Don't forget to like this, share, follow and stay tuned for more exciting events! See you later Inspirators!!

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