Wrinkle In Time European Premiere!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

On this blog, I will be writing about when I attended the amazing #WrinkleInTime premiere! I got to meet the beautiful #ReeseWitherspoon and the stunning #MindyKaling, keep reading to

find out how the event went!

Hey Inspirators! In March, I attended the Wrinkle In Time European Premiere and I got to meet so many fantastic people!! We got to the venue at BFI MAX, our taxi dropped us off and we wondered around for 15 minutes straight, trying to find the entry 😂 Luckily we found it and the set up was stunning!! My excitement grew by the minute as we guessed, who from the cast was coming out of the car first!! And the wisest of them all went out of the car, waving her hands at her passionate fans. Yes, it is Oprah Winfrey!! I yelled and probably almost lost my voice, trying to make Oprah notice me, before the rest of the cast came!

The cast of Wrinkle In Time is certainly packed with empowering women! The director Ava DuVernay is on the left in the elegant blue dress! Storm Reid, who plays Meg Murry (the young women in the gorgeous pink dress). I also wished to meet Storm but hopefully I will meet her in the future. Then there is the magnificent Oprah Winfrey, who plays Mrs Which. Next there is Mrs Who, who is played by Mindy Kaling (who I met!!)

And the lovable, kind Reese Witherspoon who plays Mrs Whatsit!! Reese was so nice to come to us and take a quick selfie with her fans. She also signed my Wrinkle In Time book which is awesome! And yes, Reese was in Legally Blonde, just incase you though she was a bit familiar.

I also got to meet the incredible Fleur East for the second time! We spotted her or should I say we spotted her hair and we got to meet her again. She actually remembered me from the last premiere which made me very happy! Fleur East was on the X Factor in 2014 and ever since then she has been creating songs, that I certainly jam to on a daily basis! If you want to keep up with Fleur then just click the photo!

I got to meet the iconic, rising star Chidera Eggerue also known as #TheSlumFlower !! Chidera is growing her tribe extremely fast, so to keep up with all her content and behind the scenes of her red carpet walks click the image of me and Slum Flower to go to her instagram!! She is also an award-winning blogger, so to check out her blogs check out her website ♡


If you are more of a visual person then feel free to watch the vlog I did, about the Wrinkle In Time Premiere!⬇⬇⬇

Thank you so much for reading this blog and don't forget to check out the vlog I did! Comment below if you've watched the Wrinkle In Time Movie! If not, just comment your favourite movie 💖 Don't gorget to like this blog and hit the follow button!!

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