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It all leads up to one question....are we really motivated to do what we love? Well, lets get deeper and find out! #followme #inspiringvanessa #blog #blogpost #inspiration #motivation #inspirators #blogger

I have always wondered, "do we actually get motivated?". Not feeling motivated every single time you see one of your favourite speakers or influencers, but inside our minds. While everyone gets hyped after watching a motivational talk, i'm always in a curious faze. Now, what really is the science behind motivation? It is how motivating people actually works.

Example: When a life coach is teaching their clients how to change their lives and what they can do to achieve their goals. Now, everyone is jumping up and down, getting themselves full of energy! Then, the session is over, and all the people go home, but the science behind motivation says "what happens when they go home?"

350 million people suffer from depression all around the world, thats 5% of the world's population! Therefore, that means at least 80% of coaches, FAIL at motivating people... So the real question is "are we REALLY motivating people?!" Luckily, I have 3 step strategy to truly motivating your clients, your friends and even the people round you!

This is the triangle of motivation! Each point of the triangle leads up to the process of truly motivating someone.

1. Behaviour

The first point on the triangle of motivation is behaviour. A change of behaviour is when you see a person acting differently. Their should be something different about how they usually act. Just normal things that we do on a daily basis. They could start being more grateful for their food, they have more energy. Look out for those key nuggets that you can concentrate on finding.

2. Commitment

They need to be committed to change their lifestyle. If your clients aren't committed to changing their life or achieving their dreams, you haven't motivated them. Commitment is the main thing you should look out for in the people you have considered to motivate.

Example: If you were a coach and you did trainings and live sessions, they will most likely come to them if you've truly motivated them, therefore they are committed to attending your seminars and events.

Do you see how powerful the impact is when you truly motivate someone?!

3. Opportunities

O is for opportunities! It is crucial to grab opportunities especially in business, creating a better lifestyle and motivating your students. However the science behind motivation says, what type of opportunities are you telling your peers to grab? Good opportunities or bad opportunities? You may not want to directly motivate someone to do something wrong, but you still need to be very specific with what you tell them.

All of the points of the Triangle of Motivation were taken by my experience of inspiring hundreds of people around the world and I can tell you that I have certainly and truly motivated someone... If you liked this blog post, don't forget to comment your thoughts down below, hit the like button and follow me to see more inspirational blog posts!

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